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How To Choose An Interior Designer

“Renovate or build from scratch? “ Once this decision has been made, the home owner is faced with a number of key decisions including the best use of time and money for the design, research, finishes and fittings. The next question is should you embark on this project alone or engage an expert to help.

This month I’ll discuss the client – interior designer partnership and how to get the best from your designer.

Each project is individual to your particular needs and requirements .The role of an interior designer simply is to ask questions, listen, observe, interpret & develop a design solution to suit these.

Finding a good match is crucial right from the start. It’s a bit like the old saying ‘the right tool for the right job’. A company who specialises in soft furnishings for example may not be the right choice if it is providing a solution for a kitchen and dining room plan you require.

A good place to start is a referral from a friend or trusted trade professional, Google online using key words such as ‘interior kitchen designer’ or local & design magazines for advertisements and articles.

Once contact has been made and an initial discussion around your project and possibly a fee estimate has been discussed the next step is a face to face meeting with your designer to discuss your brief.

By providing a clear brief right from the start the designer can have a focused understanding of the direction of the design and therefore ensure that the time involved is used cost effectively and tailored solutions are presented. The designer will ask lots of questions around your lifestyle, likes & dislikes, how each space will be used. With that knowledge your designer is now able to finalise a design fee proposal outlining the scope of work and the timeline to accomplish this. Once this has been agreed to by you, your designer can make a start.

As your project comes to life and step by step decisions are made with the guidance of your interior designer, the excitement of your undertaking becomes a reality as you get one step closer to your dream home.

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